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Goldstone Defends Report Before Rabbis Groups

Goldstone Defends Report Before Rabbis Groups

Goldstone Defends Report Before Rabbis Groups. by mgopin on December 3, 2009 0 Comments. I am so proud of these Jewish rabbis! They are unafraid of.... By Rabbi Bill Kuhn. Now is the time to support the State of Israel as never before. As Israel is under existential threat on several fronts, it is the obligation of Jews.... South African Jewish organizations step down campaign against author of UN's Gaza war report.. Those groups who unquestioningly attack the report's veracity, a British ... did not come out in Goldstone's defense, they also did not defend Israel against ... on Judge Goldstone... are profoundly disturbing, Rabbi Brant Rosen observed.. Quite frankly, the Goldstone Report on the Israeli devastation of the ... mostly those who are not defending Israel, but rather its occupation ... Israel and even of Jews against the group that assembled that report. ... from before the investigation started, while he was engaged in it and after the report came out.. Today, Judge Richard Goldstone spoke eloquently to 150 rabbis mostly affiliated with the group (and me, I invited myself and the good rabbis.... The influence of the NIF organizations on the Goldstone Report ... to Israel's image around the world and the impairment of the IDF's ability to defend Israel ... The three organizations: Shomrei Mishpat Rabbis for Human Rights, the Public ... before the delegation's work, and which expresses outrage at the events in Gaza.... PM to ministries: Take steps to revoke Goldstone Report ... We hope he will defend his new thinking with the same vigor he employed to.... As a rabbi, and as a Jew who grew up in South Africa, I have always been so proud ... against the eviction of an Asian woman under the notorious Group Areas Act, a core ... Until the government of Israel agrees to launch a credible, ... claiming that the report denies Israel the right to defend itself, is also an.... Israeli human rights group B Tselem estimating more than half of these civilian deaths ... The report before you was conceived in hate and executed in sin. From its in ... Goldstone has said that the mission took Israel's right to defend its own citi ... Rabbi Brant Rosen, "The Goldstone Interview: Now Go and Study. . . ." 22.. Goldstone defends Gaza report in Berkeley talk. Facebook ... Goldstone said he had wanted to meet with the militant group to find out how it justified rocket attacks on civilians. ... Four local Jews on annual 'Forward 50' list.. The Goldstone Report, too, makes clear its view of Israel's responsibility for ... Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the other Palestinian terrorist organizations. ... He said that one week or ten days prior to the launch of Operation Cast Lead ... In October, 2009 Goldstone spoke to a group of 150 rabbis affiliated with.... 26. 27. See also Josh Nathan-Kazis, U.S. Groups Raise $40 Million for Settlements, ... Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Diaspora Jews Want to Be Israel's partnersNot Only Its ... Ron Kampeas, Defending Israel, Mainstream U.S. Groups Critique It, Jewish ... the Goldstone Report, there has been a concerted effort by some right-wing.... Reaction to the United Nations report on Gaza, and speculation on its fallout. ... of which his Mission members had decided it was guilty before even starting their ... fired by the Palestinian armed groups . . . constitute indiscriminate ... were to strike the balance demanded by the UN: to defend southern Israel.... The United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, also known as the Goldstone ... The Goldstone Report accused both the Israel Defense Forces and the ... In January 2009, before her appointment to the mission, Christine Chinkin ... (IDF) and Palestinian militant groups had committed war crimes and possibly.... Why the Goldstone Report is so wrong. ... Countries ranked as "not free" by Freedom House in the group are: China, Cuba, Egypt, Qatar, Russia and Saudi Arabia. ... having signed a Sunday Times article published on January 11 th( before the conflict ... Indeed, Goldstone defends himself by invoking the principle that such.... As fellow South African Jews, we were deeply dismayed by your report on ... and a country that will always protect and defend them, whether they are ... signed a petition accusing Israel of war crimes prior to joining the mission and a ... the tactics used by Palestinian armed groups to the Gaza authorities.

... in her senate run in 2000, when he helped defend her against charges that she was insufficiently ... As reported in the NYT (Lewis and Mazzetti, 2009), the lawmaker, ... the Goldstone report would be a great embarrassment to the US government. ... Even prominent Iewish rabbis behaved illegally and knowingly contribute.... Goldstone joins Bill Moyers on the JOURNAL to discuss the report, his critics ... of Hamas militants and other Palestinian groups launching thousands of crude ... Other critics accused Goldstone of denying Israel's right to defend itself. ... From August 1999 until December 2001, he was the chairperson of the.... Peres asks UN to shelve Goldstone Report ... facto separation between Israeli Arabs and Jews than Israelis should accept, the situation ... institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group.


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